Saragossa Band

The group became known in 1977, when it brought out the song Big Bamboo, which is sung in the Caribbean Papiamentu dialect. Rasta Man and Zabadak followed, two songs with relatively little text, after all, made it into the Top Ten of the German charts. The following titles Ginger Red, Agadou, Aiko Aiko managed no top 10 finishes but Agadou is the title with the greatest long-term effect and is still by far the most played song of the group. To date, the title, is popular especially in beach bars and nightclubs. In recent years, there has been a spate of cover versions of this title (including Hot Banditoz, DD Company, La Boom, Black Lace or Proty Disco Kids). This trend has now calmed down, because all of these cover versions flopped and party DJs instead returned to the version that the Saragossa Band plays.

The Saragossa Band music blends elements of pop with calypso and samba. It attained the distinction of being the only German band to complete a highly successful South Pacific tour.


Pas Pleurer no More Crying........Saragossa Band

Saragossa Band - Rasta Man 1981

Saragossa Band - Big bamboo

Saragossa Band - Agadou

Sun of Jamaica - Saragossa Band

Saragossa Band - Wigwam

Goodbye Hawai - Saragossa Band

Saragossa Band - Loco Loco